Dental CT Scanning

CT scans provide three-dimensional imaging to give your doctor a usable blueprint of your oral and facial structure.

Dr. Thomas routinely utilizes digital x-rays to evaluate your jawbone and the tops and roots of your teeth. This allows him to diagnose areas of concern or decay. With the recent addition of a CT Scanning x-ray machine Dr. Thomas is able to provide his patients with the latest technology in dental x-ray imaging and it enables him to see things in greater detail when necessary.

CT Scanning or computed tomography scans offer Dr. Thomas a three-dimensial image of your teeth, jaw and facial area. Unlike the CT scanning machine used for full-body imaging, dental CT scanning machines have the patient standing for a short period of time while the scanner around your head to capture a three-dimensional image. The process is fast and compared with other CT scans emits a relatively low amount of radiation.

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